Vaginal Pain

Pain in the vagina or the female external genital organs (the vulva, which includes the labia, clitoris, and entrance to the vaginal area) most typically is an outcome of infection. Vaginal pain during sexual intercourse is referred to as dyspareunia. Infection of the vaginal area is referred to as vaginitis. Vaginal pain can be an outcome of injury or trauma to the vagina or vulva. The medical term for vaginal pain is vulvodynia.

What causes vaginal pain?

What causes vaginal pain? My pain is sort of dull, just expanded and throbbing, and it appears to sort of permeate my entire vaginal canal. It doesn’t get any even worse when I pee. I see that taking a batch seems to be the only thing that eliminates it, but I have no idea why.


Pain in the genital area can be a source of a great deal of distress. The best types of doctors to see for this kind of issue is an obstetrician/ gynecologist or primary care physician such as a family physician or internal medication doctor. Genital area pain can be due to a variety of various infections and conditions. The pain you are describing most carefully fits a pain syndrome called vulvodynia. The symptoms of vulvodynia are burning inflammation, or dull pain that takes place in an around the female genitalia. Pain usually gets worse when anything is put in or around the vagina such as a penis or tampon. This is why typically the main complain women have hurts sex. It is also typical for a hot bath to lower this pain. Other causes of vaginal pain include genital herpes. This is brought on by the herpes simplex infection and leads to painful ulcers that come and go. I suggest that you arrange an appointment with your OBGYN or medical care physician, whoever you see for your womanly health. She or he can take an in-depth history of your symptoms and perform a comprehensive physical exam. Hopefully your doctor will be able to determine the origin or your pain. Good luck.

What could cause vaginal pain in a 15 year old?

My daughter grumbled about pain in her vaginal area even though she states she’s never ever made love. What should we do?


Pain in the vaginal area is not that uncommon in women of any age. Often pain from menstrual cramping gets incorrect for vaginal pain. Menstrual cramping can be extremely severe in girls her age. Hence, I would be interested to know if her pain seems to come in a cyclical nature. Pain in the vaginal area can likewise happen secondary to infections within and around the vaginal area. These infections can occur with or without having had sex in the past. If your daughter is experiencing any boost or change in her vaginal discharge that is related to this pain, then this may result in the diagnosis. No matter what she has, she ought to be seen by doctor earlier than later.

Your initial step ought to be to set up an appointment for your daughter with her pediatrician. She or he can take a detailed history of your daughter’s symptoms and carry out an extensive physical examination. Her doctor may need to do a pelvic examination to search for any irregularities or infections in her vaginal area. She might also take samples of any vaginal discharge that she might be having. Hopefully her doctor will have the ability to make a diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan. Her doctor may ask for the opinion of an OBGYN.

What could cause vaginal-urinary pain?

I am just thirteen, however recently it’s gotten harder and harder to urinate. I know I need to go but it’ll only be a little and it’ll injure to attempt to require it out. Likewise my vagina has actually had this thick clear with an often yellow tint mucous discharge. In the beginning it was just my urinating then my vagina and now when i attempt to use the restroom and I clean there will be a brown clotted blood looking substance with it. I’ve been quite depressed lately and my personal life is Upside down right now so could my sensations impact this? I also feel constipated. I am just a mess.


Thank you for your concern worrying your urinary symptoms. I would motivate you to visit your primary care doctor right away. It is tough to diagnose what might be going on without having the ability to perform a physical exam and asking you additional concerns about your case history. One possibility is that you might have a urinary tract= infection. This would result in pain with urination, often cloudy or smelly urine, feeling of pelvic fullness, insufficient urination, and the feeling that you have to urinate regularly. Females are rather susceptible to establishing urinary tract infections and these can be treated quickly and successfully with a course of antibiotics. If you are sexually active, it is essential to think about and be evaluated for sexually transmitted diseases. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are two illness that can often have a range of symptoms, ranging from none at all to pain with urination, pelvic pain, vaginal discharge. It may likewise be possible that you are having your first menstrual period (if you have not currently) and there is absolutely nothing to be fretted about. Finally, I am also worried about your feelings of depression and “being a mess”. It would be rewarding to speak to a doctor to assist you to feel much better not simply physically, however also emotionally.

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