Anal Pain

Anal pain (pain in the bottom) can be traumatic, however is typically just the result of a minor, treatable condition. Webmd medical portal underlines that the medical name for pain around the anus or rectum (back passage) is proctalgia.

What causes rectal pain?

For a number of weeks I have actually had sharp, shooting pains in my rectum. They started when I got out of bed one early morning and they come and go every day. I’m 32. In my 20s I had hemorrhoids, but they’re gone now. What should I do? Is this a sign of cancer or something major?


There are several possible causes of this pain, and probably the best thing to do is to been seen as quickly as possible by your primary care doctor to help sort out the concern as the symptoms have been going on now for numerous weeks. One most likely possibility is that you have recurrence of your hemorrhoids. This can happen both inside and outside the rectum, so you may not necessarily see them. Sometimes when hemorrhoids become very dilated a blood clot can form inside. Although this is not life threatening it can be really uneasy and need treatment. Another possibility is an anal fissure, or fracture in the tissue if the rectum. In some cases anal fissures can form just from chronic inflammation, for example from anal sex or from bad constipation. However, they can likewise often signify a hidden condition called inflammatory bowel disease. Cracks can be difficult to recover without medical help and they can become easily infected, therefore it would be good to understand if they exist. Finally, another possibility would be an inflammation of the prostate, particularly if you likewise have some pain or pain with urination. As the prostate sits right next to the anus, in some cases the pain can be felt down there. Once again, seeing your medical care doctor as soon as possible is the method to start.

What could be the cause of my anal pain?

I had severe diarrhea over the weekend and since my anal area has actually been really sore. I’ve had a look and it’s very swollen, red & what appears like welts coming from the inside thought to the outside area. The pain is intolerable, particularly when I try to go to the toilet. There isn’t really any blood, however stings and severe spasms. Constant ache all the time. I have no idea what to do, owning me mad and impacting day to day life.


I’m sorry to hear that you are having such pain! I highly suggest that you offer your primary care doctor a call, as they will have the ability to assist you with this problem.

It sounds like the most likely reason for your pain is simply inflammation of the skin surrounding the rectum, which is a common problem in the setting of bad diarrhea. Generally this irritation can be relieved with topical barrier creams or moisturizers, and your doctor can give you some good suggestions.

Additionally, occasionally there might be a more serious issue that takes place in the setting of severe diarrhea, such as a crack or fissure at the edge of the anus. This may result in infection, and it may need more aggressive treatment with local skin care or even with antibiotics.

Your doctor will also be able to weigh in on the reason for the diarrhea. If the diarrhea has actually fixed and is not a recurrent problem for you, then it is most likely simply from a passing intestinal infection. Nevertheless, there are underlying medical conditions which can cause severe diarrhea, such as inflammatory bowel disease, and some of these might be associated with significant inflammation of the tissue around the anus and anus, which is worth ruling out.

What causes sharp pain inside anus?

What would cause sharp pains INSIDE your anus? I typically take a ‘wait and see’ technique when I have a health problem, however this is an intense pain. Should I simply get to a hospital, or should I try to simply give it some time and see if it subsides?


Rectal pain is sadly a typical condition. Offered its sensitive nature, people frequently postpone looking for medical treatment, however it is necessary to see a doctor. I would encourage you to see your medical care doctor as there are major conditions to eliminate.

The first thing that has to be eliminated is an infection around the rectum or in the rectum. Anorectal abscess is a common condition which involves a “ball” of bacteria forming. A pilonidal cyst is comparable condition forming around the hair follicles. Tenderness with sitting or touching the area, warmth and inflammation are symptoms consistent with this. The only way this will heal is if this is surgically opened. Your doctor can see this quickly on exam.

The other common condition is an anal fissure. This is a little tear in the rectum. As the rectal muscle is stretched with every bowel movement, the tear can not recover as it constantly is used. Pain with every defecation, classically described as if you were “pooping glass” is a symptom of this. Your doctor can aid with medication to allow this to recover.

Anal or rectal cancer is a factor to consider– although this would be uncommon. Hemorrhoids can also hurt– particularly if they are “thrombosed” which means the skin losses blood supply. Skin problem like dermatitis can likewise cause these problems.

I would suggest seeing a doctor. These conditions can typically be treated. If left neglected, some of these conditions can cause severe damage. Good luck.

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